Penis Extenders

Penis extender is the most effective solution to permanent penis enlargement. I will review the best penis extenders and compare results.

Reliable Penis Enhancement Product

When one is looking for a reliable penis enhancement product he can feel at a loss considering the great number of such products on sale. There are numerous methods and devices to enhance your sexual life – from penis extenders to surgery. All these things can lengthen penis and improve the whole process. How to […]

Penis Enlargement Options

What are the clinically proven and tested penis enlargement options? 1. Surgery or phalloplasty is surely expensive. Its cost ranges from $3,000 to $10,000. It is not only heavy on the pocket but is also quite risky. There are numerous possible side effects of penis surgery, such as infections, bruising, bleeding, asymmetry and deformities, soft […]

For a long time there has been a lot of discussion about what premature ejaculation is and what the reasons of it are. For different people it varies from ejaculation a man has before his partner has had an orgasm to ejaculation happening after just a little stimulation. All these ideas are based on the […]

Homemade penis extender

It is clear that it is easy to manufacture a homemade penis extender, and they will be cheap. And there is excessive information everywhere about how to construct such a thing at home. You can easily find it in any penis extenders forum. But no one speaks about the cases when the use of ropes […]

If you have found yourself to be one of those men who wish to have a bigger penis than they really have, you should think about possible ways of doing it. There are two popular ways, namely a penis enlargement surgery and a device called penis extender. Let’s compare them: Penis Enlargement Risks. A surgical […]

SizeGenetics and Male Extra

No one would deny that a big penis is attractive and able to have longer sex. Males with small phalluses are less confident of themselves. The penis extender manufactured by SizeGenetics is the right thing for you, if you would like to make your phallus bigger. This novelty is able to increase both the penis […]

You wonder why your girlfriend has pains during intercourse? Yes, this could happen just because of a penis curvature. There are men with inborn penis curvature, but most of them first face it when being adolescents. Persons with Peyronie’s disease also experience the penis curvature, but they have it because a fibrous disorder impacts the […]

Penis Enlargement Advices

Some time ago men with small penises suffered from shame but could not do anything to change the situation. Today everything is different. Men have different opportunities. Many men have already tried penis enlargement using various options. Modern science compares traditional and alternative techniques. You may find out advantages and disadvantages of any penis enlargement […]


Penis is the most “popular” organ of male reproductive system; men and women in equal measure are amenable to different superstitions connected with this organ and pay too much attention to it. It serves a triple function. So this organ is necessary for the urina excretion, for reproduction and at last for sexuality. As I […]

Bigger penis

Of all three functions of the penis it is sexuality, which is the most spoken of, as it brings delight during sexual intercourse. Both partners get sexual satisfaction by means of an erect phallus. It should be noted, however, that there are three important parameters, which are necessary to ensure sexual pleasure during each intercourse, […]

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Best Penis Extenders

You should look for the best penis extenders. These penis extenders are supported by solid money back guarantee and clinically proven to work:

#1. SizeGenetics


#2. ProExtender


#3. X4 Extender

X4 Extender
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