Erection depends heavily on three basic aspects, which create a system all together:

  1. Sexual arousal. It is the first step. Men obtain arousal from the following senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell. And, of course, thoughts lead to sexual arousal.
  2. Central nervous system reaction. The human brain transmits the sexual arousal towards the individual’s central nervous system, which triggers accelerated flow of blood into the male organ.
  3. Bloodstream vessels’ reaction. The bloodstream vessels that provide your penis’s muscles relaxation, enabling more blood to get into the sponge-like cavernous tissues of the penis shaft, which delivers the erection strength.

If something disturbs this delicate balance and the system becomes unbalanced, erectile dysfunction is the most likely result. Impotence may be caused by reasons of nonphysical character. These are:

  1. Psychological problems, such as mental or physical fatigue, excess stress, anxiety disorder leads to emotional and physical consequences and as a result, to erectile dysfunction. Depression is strongly associated with impotence too.
  2. Negative feelings. If you or your sexual partner experience lack of interest, resentment, hostility, these negative feelings can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

Physical causes which might have a negative impact on erection are as follows:

  1. Bad habits (smoking and alcohol).
  2. Cancer of the prostate operations
  3. Cardiovascular disorders (It affects the blood flow to penis)
  4. Some prescribed drugs
  5. Hormonal disorders
  6. Multiple sclerosis
  7. Spinal cord injuries
  8. Neuropathy caused by longstanding diabetes

As a matter of fact, erectile dysfunction can be a sign of an existing medical problem. In most cases the causes of the physical and nonphysical nature are closely connected, so it’s normally very difficult to say why the problem exists.

All of us need solutions as quickly as possible, and we want these solutions to be easy. But is there anything except for a medical examination, which takes much time, and after which you can hear that everything is OK with you? What can we do to treat erectile dysfunction, increase sexual stamina and have mind-blowing orgasms? Are there any faster or cheaper solutions?

Luckily, there are some solutions nowadays. You can use surgical treatment; however this can be both costly and dangerous. No one being an adequate person would throw away four thousand dollars just to obtain an injured organ and a life of regret.

The next thing and the safest one is penis extenders. As stated in penis extender discussions, they make the connective tissue produce extra cells, which allows you to have the penis of a bigger size in any state, both erect and flaccid. You will not have the result in one night, but yes, penis extenders can be used to treat erectile dysfunction.

Besides, nobody asserts that the exercises of this kind will turn out to be effective without efforts on your part. You should know that it will require not only much energy from you but much time as well to get what you need. Still the result is worth the efforts taken.