Not aimed at proving the effectiveness of any one these approaches, the article will simply compare the strength and convenience of these two techniques.

Jelqing will take years to achieve any slightest change, even if you are lucky enough to find the right method for you, since jelqing is largely a hit or miss method. And it is also not entirely safe: the process, taking extended period of time, may subject the body to certain indirectly inflicted damage.

Another most popular method of penis enlargement is penis extender. This device, developed by health professional, is designed to be worn every day.

The level of convenience, provided by penis extender, is incomparably higher than of jelqing technique. The extender device also does not limit the capability to achieve great results any time of day or night while it is used.

If the instructions are followed closely, both these techniques can help you reach outstanding results. No matter which one of the two techniques you opt for, make sure to research carefully its mechanism of action and administration mode, to be sure they fit your lifestyle and your other considerations.