When one is looking for a reliable penis enhancement product he can feel at a loss considering the great number of such products on sale. There are numerous methods and devices to enhance your sexual life – from penis extenders to surgery. All these things can lengthen penis and improve the whole process.

How to make the proper decision and select the very best product? Do your homework! Do a little analysis into the way each product works, what outcomes it might help you obtain and how much it will take. The outcome will reveal a most shocking difference between the claimed and actual effects of these products on your body.

Enhancement pills

This product features a wide range of benefits but it doesn’t have some benefits ascribed to it often. They are advertised as natural enlargement products, but the truth is penis enhancement pills’ impact on penis enlargement isn’t so great.

What penis enhancement pills are good in – is their aphrodisiac quality, which makes the sexual intercourse incredible thanks to raised stamina, ability to achieve penis firmness as a result of enhanced blood circulation. It’s known that these herbs can’t make your penis bigger but they produce other benefits:

1. Damiana has an overall wholesome effect on erectile function and orgasm length.
2. Tribulus Terrestris causes a boost of libido and stamina, leading to an extended period of the intercourse.
3. Extract of Epimedium Leaf enhances the libido.
4. Red ginseng is a widely known aphrodisiac, an energy source and an excellent method to solve some erection problems.

Penis patches

Working like penis enhancement pills, such remedy as transdermal patches contain the elements that have been listed above. Penis enhancement patches direct them right to the blood of the person.

Penis enhancement exercises

This method was a widespread treatment in the Middle East for quite a long time. Jelqing features a set of as much as 200 penis enhancement exercises which might be carried out at definite intervals. These exercises aren’t troublesome, but they’ll add about 2 inches to your normal penis size. The one major downside of this method is that the solution it gives is short-termed. The gained extra inches won’t last without regular exercising.


Penis enlargement surgery – this technique of increasing the penis size is kind of harmful one, as it is connected to numerous risks. The operation is easy. The surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament, and as a result the penis becomes up to 2-3 inches longer.

Still, your penis may be damaged in the course of the surgery and you will not be able to get an erection. And your penis may look pretty bad because of hypodermic fat deposits, which can be the result of such an operation, no matter how carefully it was done.

Penis Extenders

Penis extenders or stretchers is an efficient penis enhancement technique and the results will be seen as quickly as in 7 days after you begin using one of them.

Created for stimulation that makes tissue cells replicate, penis extenders enhance penis physically, in a natural manner, but most evident advantage of this method is that the impact is not going to disappear in some time. You’ll be able to add up to 40% to your penis length and increase its girth as well. Using this method for about 6 months a man is able to enhance sexual performance with longer erection and correct penile curvature up to 60%.

If you’re looking for greater sexual satisfaction, penis pills and patches may be a better solution. However, if you’re mostly interested in penis enlargement, there is no safer alternative than penis extenders. These units are safe and created from reliable materials and they’ll lead you to the growth without any risk.