Some time ago men with small penises suffered from shame but could not do anything to change the situation. Today everything is different. Men have different opportunities. Many men have already tried penis enlargement using various options. Modern science compares traditional and alternative techniques. You may find out advantages and disadvantages of any penis enlargement products like penis extenders or services available today and make your choice.

It is important to remember some important things before trying penis enlargement. First of all, you should be patient as you will have to wait for the results for several weeks. Your efforts will be repaid in due time. You will forget the time when you worried about your penis. Be persistent as your tissue requires some time to grow, you may experience some ups and downs during this process, so arm yourself with patience and you will get good results.

Most beginners are so eager to get quick results that they decide to have more than one Penis enlargement session per day. You should understand that more penis enlargement sessions per day will lead to the exhaustion of your tissue. You will have to wait for the results longer. Penis enlargement sessions should be regular and intensive but not exhausting. Give your tissue time for recovering and growing. After every session your tissue needs time to heal like every muscle of your organism after your visit to gym. It is not advisable to overtrain.